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How to Successfully Pitch an ARC to a Book Blogger (illustrated with FRIENDS gifs)

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Are you a new writer struggling to get reviews for your ARCs or your published books? Are you a book blogger tired of getting those spammy “review my book” emails? Personally, both as a writer and as a book reviewer and blogger, I’ve been through both, so I decided to share these three great tips for writers that will get you a long way and one word of advice for reviewers to cope.

As a Writer:

1. Address the blogger properly

Even though this sounds obvious, I’ve lost count of the times I’ve received review requests with the wrong name or no name whatsoever, or request for genres I don’t review. As a reader, it’s annoying and chances are I won’t bother to read your request if you can’t be bothered to know who you’re emailing.


If you you’re trying to pitch a book to a reviewer (who, let’s face it, has access to sites like Netgalley and is probably approached by hundreds of authors on a monthly basis), the least you can do is get to know him/her. Spend five minutes browsing the blog, find out what his/her name or nickname’s, what genres they review, what are they hobbies . . . I can promise you the time you’ll invest in this process will be very rewarding.

2. Introduce yourself

Even though book bloggers are usually very busy, I can assure you one thing—for us, it’s always exciting to get a new review request. So, when we open it, we don’t want you to go straight to the point. We want to know who you are, how you stumbled into our blog, what genres you write and (you’ll get brownie points if you mention) why you think your book is a good fit for us.


Of course you don’t need to go on and on about yourself for pages, but take one paragraph to really sell yourself and to show us you spent some time browsing our blog.

3. Tell us ALL about the book

Now that you’ve talked about yourself, take some time to talk about your book. Don’t make us—potential reviewers—search for the info online. We’ll get bored or annoyed and we simply won’t do it.


Make the information easily available instead. A few things you should always include in a good review request email are: title, genre, blurb, goodreads and Amazon links (and any other links you consider appropiate), deadline, and cover image.

Ready  to start pitching?

Check out the  Book Blogger  Register and find out hundreds of bloggers!


As a blogger…

Basically, what you can do as a blogger comes down to one word—teach.


Most book reviewers have a “Review Policy” page on their blog explaining not only the genres they review, but also the information they expect to receive on a review request email. If  you don’t have one, this is the time to do it. If you do and you notice an annoying trend on the way you’re being approached by authors, you can quickly update your “Review Policy” page and politely forward the link to the author. Trust me, even if you don’t end up working with that author, you’ll have done him/her a great favor!

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The Book Blogger Register

Hi, guys! A couple of months ago, I decided to create a post in my blog gathering  all the book bloggers and bookstagrams out there who’d wish to be part of it. The only requirement to be included on this list is that you have a bookish blog (authors who only share their stories will NOT be included). The two main objectives of this book blogger register are:

  • Helping the blogging community—by spreading the word about new and old blogs, helping bloggers discover other blogs with different content and get inspiration from others, making new contacts, growing their audience, etc.
  • Help authors discover book blogs, find reviewers.


  • you have a blog and wish to be added to this list at any point, send me an email with your name and blog URL.
  • there’s something wrong with your info (name, URL, typos, etc.), please understand that I didn’t mean it and let me know ASAP so that I can fix it.
  • your blog or bookstagram wasn’t listed even though you replied to my Tweet (and you meet the criteria to be on this list), please understand that I got a lot of responses and simply didn’t see yours. Again, send me an email and I’ll add you ASAP.



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